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Timing Belt Replacement Services for Most Major Makes and Models


The timing belt is a rubber belt used in most vehicles. The timing belt is also known as the camshaft belt. Scheduled timing belt replacement ensures proper engine operation. Timing belt replacement increases your engine’s efficiency and proper timing.

Timing belts do the synchronization work between crankshaft and camshaft. You should do a timing belt replacement annually, to increase your engine performance.

Timing belts should be protected from any kind of damage. Plastic covers will usually provide good protection for belts.

Timing belt replacement is relatively costly, so most vehicle owners avoid this service. For safety and maintenance issues, scheduled timing belt replacement is very important.

  • Water pump and tensioner replacement should be done with timing belt replacement
  • Most of time the water pump is driven by timing belts
  • Faulty timing belts can lead to more costly repair work
  • Timing belt replacement is very important, to avoid those costly repairs

Timing Belt Failure Can be a Nightmare for the Vehicle Owner


Ignoring the need for timing belt replacement can result in major engine failure on the road, which is very dangerous. Never wait for your timing belt to be totally damaged before you replace it. Timing belt failure can lead to a major disaster.

Replace your timing belt regularly, for safe road trips. If you don’t replace timing belt regularly you run the risk of breaking it altogether. Replace timing belt because faulty timing belts will cause heavy engine damage which is costly to repair.

Replace timing belt after your 60,000 km of driving with your vehicle. Never ignore timing belts and if you don’t replace timing belt regularly your car may be out of action within a short time.

  • Replace timing belt for proper vehicle maintenance
  • Replace timing belt to protect your engine from major damage
  • You should replace timing belt to get maximum performance from your engine
  • Replace timing belt to ensure longer life of your vehicle
  • Replace timing belt to avoid time consuming engine fixing work

Why You Should Replace the Timing Belt at Specified Intervals


If you get any abnormal squeaking sounds from your timing cover area you should replace the timing belt. Timing belt replacement is very important because if it breaks, your car won’t start. You should follow the scheduled timing belt replacement recommendation provided by your car manufacture .We provide all kinds of timing belt replacement service in your area.

We perform timing belt replacement in the following steps. We:

  • Remove and replace timing belt pulleys, and tensioners
  • Remove all accessories for timing belt replacement work
  • Replace timing belt and re install it

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